Thursday, October 06, 2005

Even Parliament knew!

From the House Debates Feb.19, 2003!

Medical Marijuana Franchises

Mr. Ted White (North Vancouver, Canadian Alliance): Mr. Speaker, if you would like something really different to do this weekend, why not come out to Vancouver and learn how to start your own medical marijuana franchise?

If hon. members need more information, just tune to Channel 2 in Vancouver and watch for the advertisement from the Kine Smoke Shop and the Canadian Sanctuary Society. They are sponsoring two seminars on February 21 and 22 to help get grow-ops up and running.

To add to the excitement, they might get to meet Mr. Briere, who started the Sanctuary Society and who was sentenced in 2001 to four years in jail for cultivating and trafficking in marijuana, money laundering, possessing a prohibited weapon and unlawful storage of ammunition.

The only thing that is not yet clear is whether the present Minister of Industry is getting a percentage of revenues for making the business possible in the first place. I could not find any evidence of a campaign donation, but maybe a contribution in kind has long since gone up in smoke.

I wonder if they will be giving any samples this weekend. Can I count on seeing you there, Mr. Speaker?

The Speaker: I thank the hon. member for his kind invitation.